I am a clown. I fight with my head. I have a strong head. Her nose bended. I fuck her with poetic passion. That sucker she is married to doesn’t fuck her at all. He. She grabs my balls real well, firmly. I tell her to do that. She approaches as a snake and then I tell her what to do. Fill your hands and nest my balls like they are your offspring. Now that my cock gets hard be firmer.

Success literally petrifies me. I can’t be creative and creatively successful if I am socially successful. Even if my art works I get scared and turn into a stone. Really I am not an artist, that is the whole point. I am a traveller and a beggar.

I haven’t wanked in weeks nor I have meditated. Sometimes I touch my cunt lips and I wonder if they can pass as balls.

Anyway, sex. I don’t do it as I said but returning to it theoretically always focuses me. I used to be a teacher, there are many things you couldn’t guess about me. I have been a very calm kind boy.  Then what happened? I am still the same person, men don’t change. My mum was always saying that. I don’t follow anyone’s footsteps, that’s for sure. I have been wondering if my cunt lips are balls in disguise since I was little. I hadn’t see other cunts and I wondered if mine are normal. My mum was saying I shouldn’t be pulling them much. She called them clitoris. Some guy friend told me when I was 19 that clit is something else and I argued against that. That guy had a cop father and became mates after few years and he stopped smoking weed and started hunting meat and fish with his father. Wisdom. I am not a wise man, I only know that I don’t know anything. My mum read me philosophy when I was young and I was good at school. Porn films?  I say, only if I get my ass fucked. That’s a great idea but not for me. Maybe you can find a brave man to do it, it is a great idea. Good luck with your project. I am in love but I am not sure what love is. I saw that girl working at the supermarket the other day and I decided I want to brake her pretty nose. I love passionately. This is a fucking roller coster first you heal me so I get ill then you heal me from my healing illness. I want to drink whiskey and touch some young thighs. I saw those girls cycling last night in hot pants. My clit erected to my nose and I could smell it.